OTTTO’s Tye Trujillo’s Youth Played a Huge Part in His Worst Show Ever


When you’re starting out as a musician, landing gigs is one of the most important things you can do right out the gate. Promoters sometimes have little incentive to give you a chance if you aren’t a proven entity. And it was that reality that made the show Tye Trujillo remembers so important right off the bat.

In our latest episode of our ongoing series “Worst Show Ever,” Tye recounts how his youth caused a problem with security at a show for his previous band Feed The Beast. Couple that with barely anyone showing up and it’s easy to see why the son of Metallica’s bassist Rob Trujillo remembers that particular gig as his worst.

To find out what else happened and to hear more about the situation Trujillo found himself in, or to hear other artists share their worst shows ever, check the rest of our video series in the “Worst Show Ever” series. You can find them all over on our YouTube page. Like, follow, subscribe and all that other shit if you want to keep up with our page.

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