Revel in the Blackened Hardcore of Nadir’s “The Old Wind”


Hope you’ve got a hankering for some killer blackened hardcore from the chilly wilds of Norway, because we’ve got one hell of a track from Nadir. Their debut album Extinction Rituals is coming out this May and in anticipation, we’ve got an exclusive first look at their track “The Old Wind.”

From the get-go, the song has the type of misty atmosphere that you’d expect from Norwegian black metal. The song itself benefits from the full sounding rhythm section of bassist Erik Gullesen and the blast beat fest from drummer Jonas Bengtson, while guitar work by frontman Ole Wik and Magnus Wiig drive the track forward. Couple that with Wik’s vocal delivery and you’ve got a track that’s exciting while remaining true to its roots.

According to Wik, the song was inspired by some of the backwards thinking that’s begun to take root in today’s public discourse.

“‘The Old Wind’ is in a way the odd one out on Extinction Rituals. It is more lyrically driven and has a more atmospheric approach. It revolves around some old and very divisive ways of thinking that sadly has started to gain traction yet again.

“The video for this track was filmed with a drone from my hammock during a hiking trip with my wife. I got up at 5 a.m. to catch the morning mist, and I must say I am pleased with how it turned out.”

Nadir’s Extinction Rituals will be released on May 5. And while it’s a self-released album, you can still preorder your copy today.

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