Steel Panther’s Michael Starr Doesn’t Worry About Cancel Culture: “People Are Sick of Not Being Heard”


Canadian outlet The Metal Voice recently interviewed Steel Panther singer Michael Starr about a variety of topics, including the band’s experience with cancel culture and how Starr felt about it. He started off by naming a time that he felt fan pushback toward Steel Panther’s Pussy Melter pedal actually benefited the band.

No, not really. The only push back we got was for a plug-in that Satchel designed called the ‘Pussy Melter’ and it was on the TC electronics website and a girl guitar player saw it and she got extremely offended by it. She wrote the company and (the company) took the plug-in off because one person was upset with it. So Satchel came up with the idea and said why don’t we just make a guitar pedal? So we got into the guitar pedal business. And that thing flew off the shelves so quick, cause people were trying to cancel us. We only made 10,000 of them, just a small order of them, a limited edition. And we sold them all in two weeks. So somebody tried to cancel us, or a subcategory of us and it kind of backfired on them.

Starr continued his answer by reminding the interviewer that people know what they’re getting into when attending a Steel Panther show, so he doesn’t worry much about it.

“Anyways my point is people that come to our shows, they know what to expect. No one walks off the street and says ohh that looks like a fun show, I’m going to go in buy a ticket and go, I am so offended by them saying ‘fuck’ or whatever. People that come to our shows know what they are coming into. They know they are coming to a show where they are going to laugh and hear some profane, politically incorrect humor. I think everyone’s there for the same party. So we really haven’t experienced any of that cancel culture. Our shows have been selling out on this tour and I would like to attribute it to how great my hair looks but it’s not that it is more like people are sick of not being heard. People are sick of getting bullshitted and they want something they can count on.”

Remember, this is a band that was allegedly seen partying with Casey Anthony, so they really aren’t concerned with what you think of them.

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