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Heavy Rotation: Downfall of Gaia Name Their Favorite Classic Albums


German post-black metal/crust outfit Downfall of Gaia released their latest album, Silhouettes of Disgust, on Friday via Metal Blade. Featuring shorter compositions and more-concise writing than their last few efforts, Silhouettes of Disgust has already spent some heavy time in this writer’s rotation. To get a better feel for the influences behind the record, MetalSucks spoke with the band to get the lowdown on the classic albums that they’ve been listening to—both modern and old-school.

From Ashes Rise – “Reaction”

Still one of the best songs ever written. I remember the first time I heard Nightmares, the whole album. I was living in a trailer park with my bus at the time and a friend of mine who also lived there had the record on the shelf. Since then this album has stuck with me and I can listen to it over and over again.—Dominik Goncalves dos Reis (Guitar/Vocals)

Tragedy – “Conflicting Ideas”

This band in particular had a huge influence on us as Downfall of Gaia and the direction we took. While we were writing our new album, I was getting back into the Vengeance album, which was on heavy rotation and is definitely still my favorite of the band.—Dominik Goncalves dos Reis (Guitar/Vocals)

Power Trip – “Nightmare Logic”

Not much words needed. The album already turned into a timeless classic. Basically all of the songs end up in my playlist every now and then, but if I have to choose, I go for the title track of the album.—Anton Lisovoj (Bass/Vocals)

Townes Van Zandt – “Nothin’”

A song that keeps reminding me who we are. A beautiful melancholic poetry tribute to this confusing world. On heavy spin ever since I got into Townes van Zandt.—Anton Lisovoj (Bass/Vocals)

Rory Gallagher – “I Fall Apart”

Discovered this like a year ago and ever since this song is a almost a daily companion in life. Both for good and bad times. Can’t say a lot about the artist but this song catched me.—Anton Lisovoj (Bass/Vocals)

The Prodigy – “O”

When Invaders Must Die popped out, we had been constantly on on with Peter [Wolff, former member who rejoined for Silhouettes] back in the days. This record reminds me a lot of the past. We put this record on during never-ending drives while the mood is almost going zero. First song in and everybody was moving opening the first beer. RIP Keith Flint.—Anton Lisovoj (Bass/Vocals)

Ballast – “Louder Than Words”

When this song came out I was blown away from the emotions they deliver and had to listen to it on continuous loop.—Peter Wolff (Guitar/Vocals)

Baroness – “Swollen and Halo”

One of my all times favorites and forever on heavy rotation. The whole Blue Record of Baroness always reminds me of past days.—Peter Wolff (Guitar/Vocals)

Lorn – “Acid Rain”

I love electronic music and will never get enough of the synth sound Lorn is producing. Detailed and perfectly mixed and this dark and dirty sounds totally catch me.—Peter Wolff (Guitar/Vocals)

Russian Circles – Memorial

I’ve been listening to this album for years and it still holds a strong place in my heart. Truly a perfect instrumental album that takes you on a journey. I particularly love the drum grooves on this one and the Chelsea Wolfe feature on the last track.—Michael Kadnar (Drums)

Mark Guiliana – Beat Music EP

This was my gateway into the drumming of Mark Guiliana (David Bowie, St. Vincent). The unique fusion of jazz, rock, noise and spoken word samples creates a universe of sound that still inspires me to this day. Mark’s interpretation of rhythm and where the pulse is placed takes the listener for a ride while the rest of the band keeps things grounded. I really suggest that every Metalhead takes the risk and checks out this (or any) Mark Guiliana album.—Michael Kadnar (Drums)

King Yosef – The Ever Growing Wound

I was blown away the first time I heard this album in 2022, the raw mix of industrial music with punk/hardcore beats and distorted guitars is really inspiring. I was actually so blown away that I approached the artist and offered to release their album on vinyl with my label (Silent Pendulum Records). I still listen to this album 3-5 times a week, especially while at the gym or running.—Michael Kadnar (Drums)

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