Ex-Death Drummer Richard Christy Drinks Rat Sh*t Coffee


If you’ve ever listened to Richard Christy‘s drumming, either as a member of Death or Charred Walls of the Damned or any of the other bands he’s been linked to over the years, you know his style can be categorized as “the shit.” Well, it turns out there’s more to him than just being the shit. It turns out he fuels his day with coffee made from shit.

During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Christy was grilled about this shit coffee he drinks every day. Apparently, it’s the best coffee he’s ever had. You can check out his admission in the video below.

Apparently, the type of coffee he’s talking about is kopi luwak, which is commonly referred to as civet coffee. That second name references the furry rat-like animal that’s fed the coffee beans and shits them out called the civet. People then collect the civet’s shit and pick out the coffee beans from said shit. There’s something that happens during the animal’s digestion process that makes the coffee better somehow. I wouldn’t know because I think coffee is fucking horrid.

Christy even goes on to say that he’d drink coffee made of beans that Howard Stern or Robin Quivers would eat, digest, and shit out. He swears he’s not into shit, he’s just really a big fan of shit coffee.

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