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Experimental Vvon Dogma Drops New Video Ahead of Album


Vvon Dogma are back with a new video teaser for their new record, The Kvlt of Glitch, in the form of the track “One Eye.” It features some seriously insane nine-string bass playing.

Vvon Dogma hail from Montreal and dropped their debut EP Communion in 2017. Chaoth, their nine-string bassist, is a big driver behind their experimental sound and their popularity. He also plays in the band Unexpect.

Chaoth says about the new track:

“It is the first single, even though it doesn’t necessarily represent the whole album. Sometimes you have to go with something different. It sounds more playful and not as serious than the rest of this dark-ass album, and I guess the video shows that a little bit. I got to collaborate with my old friend Pierre-Olivier Forest for the video. Really just an excuse to reconnect with an old friend.”

Chaoth also says that most of the band’s writing is driven by himself, though ehe’s looking to be more collaborative in the future. He starts by writing the music and then turns to his lyric book to add more tothe songs, comparing the process of pairing words and music to “sonic Tetris.”

The Kvlt of Glitch was produced by Chaoth along with Blaise Borboën-Léonard, Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy), and Dave Evangelista and is out May 5.

Preorder the album here. Chaoth also offers bass lessons via his Patreon.

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