Mick Mars and Mötley Crüe Go to War, Kid Rock Sucks at Shooting Stationary Objects,


A lot certainly happened in the metal world this past week, starting with a regrettable incident that claimed the life of one of our own and injured dozens others out in Belvidere, Illinois. Thankfully, many of you guys have stepped up by donating money via GoFundMe and blood via local blood donation drives. It never ceases to amaze just how giving the metal community can be, given how much shit we give each other online over our love or hate of certain bands.

Then there was the insanely stupid anti-trans gesture Kid Rock did on social media, where he attempted (and mostly failed) to shoot a couple cases of Bud Light with an MP5. His form was all wrong, he went full auto instead of used controlled bursts, and he proved he’s a bigoted piece of shit. Still, it’s always fun to dunk on a dude that pretends to be from the hood but actually grew up in a practical mansion.

Those stories and more will be listed in this week’s top list. As always, you can check them out below, but remember there’s way more content elsewhere on the site, so go nuts.

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