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Xasthur Announces New Album, Releases Video


Black metal artist Xasthur just dropped a video for the title track from his new double album, Inevitably Dark, out June 23.

Xasthur fans should be extra excited because in addition to this double album, Xasthur is also releasing a rare recording, Rehersals 1997-1999, on limited red transparent vinyl along or original black vinyl with this album. The release will contain 10 nameless tracks and features anonymous collaborations, originally recorded on cassette.

“There’s a difference between being a guitarist and a black metal guitarist”, says Scott Conner, the man behind Xasthur. “I don’t consider myself to be a black metal guitarist. However, after more than 10 years, I see no reason not to work within those constrictions temporarily again.”

Xasthur recorded all of the dark, heavy tracks from the record as he often does—live and on his own—giving the record the signature raw and real sound that fans have come to expect. And while he has been known to experiment, this album is in many ways a return to his more black metal roots, along with being one of his darkest and heaviest albums to date.

Preorder the album here.

Xasthur Announces New Album, Releases Video
Tracklist Disc 1
1. Affect/Infect 
2. A Future to Fear II 
3. Psychiatric Masochists
4. Euphoric Bad Trip 
5. Live Like a Broken Mirror 
6. Trauma Fiends 
7. Abandoned Intuition
8. Concrete Mattress
9. Not guilty of Your Past 
10. Another Gutter 
11. Inevitably Dark 
12. Spectrum of Hate
13. Benefits of Dying 
Tracklist Disc 2
14. Mirroring Failure 
15. Overdose on Diversions 
16. Worse than the Good Old Days 
17. Blizzard inside a Coma
18. HellRot 
19. Hypnotized by Lies 
20. Stigmatized Grave
21. Delusional Identities 
22. Sing It at Your Funeral 
23. Projection of Inferiority II

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