Ex-stOrk Drummer Thomas Lang Steamrolls “Lux Æterna” in a Couple Takes


Being good at drums is something I’ll never be able to fathom, so it’s always cool to see someone that knows their way around a kit really kill it. Enter this video from Drumeo that has ex-stOrk drummer Thomas Lang sit down and learn Metallica‘s “Lux Æterna” as fast as possible.

If you’re not aware of who Thomas Lang is, the dude is a fucking mutant at drums. Not only has he been playing since he was five years old, the dude is a master at his craft, spending his time perfecting his skills in a variety of styles. And when he’s not teaching drumming and hosting clinics, he’s being a session drummer for all kinds of acts. So needless to say, Lars’ drum work on the first single off of 72 Seasons wasn’t particularly difficult for him.

After listening to it one time and writing down a quick cheat sheet, Lang was off to the races, pretty much nailing it from the start. Two more takes and he was pretty much ready to take over in the band. What’s extra cool about these Drumeo videos is the little embellishments players add to these songs. Lang adds a couple small fills that don’t exist in the track that I really wish were there on the album.

Definitely check out the video below. It’s cool to watch someone so good at what they do just show off a bit.

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