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Pupil Slicer, Sevendust, and Vomitory Added to The MetalSucks Playlist


Man, what a wild release day we had yesterday, huh? Not only did Metallica drop 72 Seasons and people had opinions, but Jesus Piece’s …So Unknown and Overkill’s Scorched are absolutely worth your time. Both of those albums kick all kinds of ass, so if Metallica turns you off, you have those recommendations from yours truly.

Even without those new releases, a whole mess of new tracks were also released. Vomitory are back with a new track titled “All Heads Are Gonna Roll.” And a still relatively new track from last weekend was Ghost’s Genesis cover of “Jesus He Knows Me.” Yes, they’re metal. Shut up.

The playlist can be found both on Spotify and Apple Music, so hop on over to those platforms and have at it. Remember to also follow/like/subscribe/whatever so you never miss the new tracks added each week.

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