Cradle Of Filth Release Live Video of “Demon Prince Regent”


To commemorate the release of Trouble And Their Double Lives, their first live album in 20 years, Cradle Of Filth released a live music video for one of the album’s two new studio tracks, “Demon Prince Regent.”

As you can tell from the clip below, the track sounds big while the footage highlights the intensity of a Cradle Of Filth show, complete with performance clips and audience reactions. Frontman Dani Filth said the video was only possible thanks to the band’s most recent tour.

“The footage for the studio track ‘Demon Prince Regent’ was filmed on the road whilst recently undertaking the co-headline ‘Double Trouble Live’ tour with DevilDriver in the US.

“The video is a logical visual bridge between airing the second studio track and the actual live album, wherein you also get the luxury of seeing our repugnant faces.

“As for the album itself, I hope everyone enjoys this cantankerous volley of s(hits) just as much as we enjoyed making them, with songs stolen from Cradle shows from all across the world.

“And as cliche as it sounds, ‘this album is totally for the fans… Let’s see those f**king horns!!!’”

Trouble And Their Double Lives is available today via Napalm Records.

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‘Trouble And Their Double Lives’ track listing:

  1. She is a Fire (new studio track)
  2. Heaven Torn Asunder
  3. Blackest Magick in Practice
  4. Honey and Sulphur
  5. Nymphetamine (Fix)
  6. Born in a Burial Gown
  7. Desire in Violent Overture
  8. Bathory Aria
  9. The Death of Love (bonus track)
  10. Demon Prince Regent (new studio track)
  11. Heartbreak and Seance
  12. Right Wing of the Garden Triptych
  13. The Promise of Fever
  14. Haunted Shores
  15. Gilded Cunt
  16. Saffron’s Curse
  17. Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of Carnivorous Winds)
  18. You will Know the Lion by his Claw (bonus track)

‘Trouble And Their Double Lives’ will be available in the following formats:

=> 2 CD Digisleeve
=> 2 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl
=> 2 LP Gatefold Silver Vinyl (European retail only)
=> 2 LP Gatefold MARBLED Orange Transparent Black w/ Slipmat – Napalm Records Store exclusive (limited to 500 copies)
=> 2 LP Gatefold GOLD – Napalm Records Store exclusive (limited to 500 copies)
==> Deluxe Boxset (incl Wooden Box, 2 – CD Digisleeve, Patch, Pick tin, keychain, Earplugs) – Napalm
Records Store exclusive (limited to 666 units)
=> Digital Album

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