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Burning Witches’ Laura Guldemond on The MetalSucks Podcast #486


Burning Witches vocalist Laura Guldemond is our guest this week on The MetalSucks Podcast! We discuss the writing process for their latest record The Dark Tower, the lyrical inspiration that Countess Bathory played, the importance of the comic book style cover art the band strives for with each release, touring on a cruise, getting sea sick and still performing, the importance of social media for bands in modern times, the craziest time she had at a metal show as a fan, and if she gets more energy from the audience singing or moshing during live shows.

Petar and Brandon breakdown the video of Crazy Town singers getting into an ugly fight, Hed(P.E.) kicking them off the tour because of the video, and Bam Margera threatening to kill his family before turning himself into the police.

Song: Burning Witches “The Dark Tower”
Song: Blood Ceremony “Ipsissimus”
Song: Dave Lombardo “Inner Sanctum”

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