Scavenge the Remains of Gimme Metal’s Online Store with This Coupon


It’s never fun to have to report on a metal business going under, but that ship has sailed and Gimme Radio (along with its Gimme Country and Gimme Metal footprints) is functionally no more. Having shut down their online streaming radio operation over the weekend, the last and final gasps of a really cool company are taking place online.

One of the bigger components of that business was their online retail shop, which mostly catered to vinyl fans, though it definitely carried other cool items like MetalSucks merch, for instance. With the company now donezo, a good chunk of their remaining stock is currently being offered up at a deep discount.

By heading over to their store right now, choosing from any of the selections on this page, and entering code “Goodbye,” you can get 40% off select merch and titles. These are available at a first-come, first-served type of situation, so if you want something you should grab it now since there’s no guarantee it won’t end up out of stock soon.

Some items that might pique your interest are the following:

Keep in mind that none of those prices reflect the potential 40% off deal. If you use the coupon, you can get some of those vinyl releases down to about $20 plus shipping, which isn’t a terrible deal.

We’re sad to see Gimme Radio go, since it was such a cool idea for an online radio service. But if they’ve got to ride off into the sunset, the least we can do is get some sick vinyl and merch at discount as a result.

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