Dustie Waring Won’t Join Between The Buried And Me on Tour Following Rape Allegations


Within the last hour, Between The Buried And Me have announced that when head out on their Parallax 2: Future Sequence Tour this summer, guitarist Dustie Waring won’t be joining them, after allegations that he raped an inebriated fan came to light online in recent days.

In a post on their various social media accounts, the band simply said he would not be joining them on tour and that they “will have a session guitarist filling in at all scheduled dates.”

This announcement comes hours after we reported on the rape accusation an unnamed woman made on the band’s official subreddit. In her post, she detailed how Waring pushed her to drink more than she should have while becoming increasingly pushy with his advances. She said she blacked out from too much alcohol at some point and awoke the next day with bruising on her wrists and hips, along with some vaginal pain.

After confirming what happened with a friend she was with the night before, as well as with Waring himself, she learned that the two allegedly had unprotected sex while she was blackout drunk and unable to provide her consent. Weeks later, she learned she was pregnant and decided to terminate the pregnancy.

“It took me a few months to truly process and understand what happened. I was a huge BTBAM fan and I respected Dustie so much. I just wanted to meet one of my idols and he saw that as an opportunity to ensure I was blackout drunk, and completely take advantage of me. I’ve blamed myself for so long. I’m tired of this haunting me. It nearly killed me. I appreciate anyone who has read this far – if there are any other victims, please know that it is not your fault.”

The woman said she’s since sought therapy and has been diagnosed with PTSD following the incident. In her post, she said “the only results I want going forward is getting closure and also to create a safe space for other potential victims to come forward if they unfortunately exist.”

As of this moment, no legal steps have ostensibly been taken against Waring. While these allegations aren’t to be taken lightly, it’s important to note that these are still allegations at the moment.

In the wake of this information coming out, we reached out to representatives for Between The Buried And Me, as well as Glass Casket. Eventually, we received the following statement from Waring’s legal team:

“Dustie Waring of BTBAM/Glass Casket is aware of the allegations and working on a statement that is both sensitive to victims of sexual assault but also sufficiently communicates their adamant denial of these allegations.”

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit RAINN.org for more resources.

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