All Hail Bongzilla’s Latest Single “King Of Weed”


Break out your favorite water piece or dab rig, because this new track from Wisconsin-based sludge and doom metal outfit Bongzilla is the perfect accompaniment to your next smoke session. The new single is the latest from their upcoming sixth studio album Dab City, which will be available on June 2 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

As you can tell in the video/track below, this shit is straight up THC-laced stoner metal, with the sludgy sound you’d expect plowing into your earholes at just the right slowed down tempo to help you lose all sense of the concept of time. In fact, it sounds like most of the tracks off of Dab City will be perfect for an evening of cannabis, as there will be seven songs totaling 60 minutes of music.

According to the band, “King Of Weed” is based on a real-life situation involving a hyper-joint and their driver.

“The song is about a joint that is weed and hash mixed then rolled in hash oil and finally covered in pure Keef. One of these murdered our driver making him unable to drive. All he could do is laugh!”

Sounds like a hell of a time.

Dab City will be released in various limited colored editions, classic vinyl edition, CD digipack and digital on June 2nd through Heavy Psych Sounds. You can preorder your version today (EU preorder available here).

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