A Nu Metal Band Played in a Waffle House and Fists Didn’t Get Thrown for Once


If there’s anything Waffle House is known for, it’s for patrons and staff getting down and throwing hands after hours. It’s generated some hilarious and unbelievable videos online and given the chain of 24-hour diners open 365 days a year an identity that makes IHOP look like a bitch. So when a nu-metal band called Silly Goose played at a Waffle House location in Georgia, surely shit got out of hand, right?

Well, according to video footage posted to the band’s Instagram account, everything was… (checks notes) pretty subdued. That feels wrong, doesn’t it? The mosh looked like a buncha high schoolers meekly jumping up and down. There were no slam dances, no circle pits… The only person popping off the whole time during the band’s performance of their song “Show Up At Your House” that we see in the clip is the vocalist getting on tables and hopping around.

It turns out this isn’t the first time this band’s played at an unexpected eatery. There was one time they threw down in a Subway, too.

Like all things viral these days, it turns out this is all an advertisement, except instead of benefiting some hyper rich corporation, it’s to help the band get people hyped for their upcoming single “Rap Rock Jesus,” which is out this Friday and probably doesn’t sound like something you’d hear played at bible camp. At least we hope.

So good on these guys for taking their show wherever they can. Maybe their loud music drove away the angry Waffle House customers for one night and they gave the employees some much needed relaxation.

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