Fan Account of Sick New World Highlights Logistical Issues and Sound Problems


Last weekend, scores of nu-metal fans got to relive their high school days, as an absolutely ginomous festival aimed at catering to nostalgic feelings about the 90s and early 2000s called Sick New World rocked Las Vegas. Billed as a full day at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds with more than 50 bands on the bill across multiple stages, it sounded like a tall order to begin with.

Though a lot of focus has been placed on the day’s big acts like System of a Down and Coal Chamber, a recent YouTube video by user Wyatt’s Metal showed what looks like the most realistic account of how things went down so far. Though the lineup was huge and interesting, logistical problems and apparent incompetence hampered a wide range of acts throughout the day.

As it turns out, the video shows how big named bands got preferential treatment and access to the show’s sound designer, while the other stages and smaller acts were saddled with very little setup time and poor sound quality.

In some cases, attendees weren’t even able to hear some of the performers play. The perfect example of this came during Body Count’s set, during which some members of the band weren’t even coming through the speakers at all. In fact, Ice-T’s mic was regularly cutting in and out, causing a ton of frustration for both the fans in attendance and the guys on stage. At one point, The Birthday Massacre came out to perform, but technical problems proved to be too much for them, causing the band to simply storm off the stage halfway through their set.

According to Wyatt’s Metal, the disparity between how the top of the bill and the rest of the bands was apparent.

“It seems like all the professionalism was given to the elite 1% bands on the main stages while the second stages were left with some dipshit the festival hired off the Strip and paid in fentanyl.”

But that’s not to say that bands on the main stages were unscathed from the problems, either. Cradle of Filth were apparently delayed by 30 minutes or so through no fault of their own, only to have their set unceremoniously cut short so the festival would comply with curfew regulations. To do that, organizers seemingly just pulled the plug on the band’s sound system and turned on the crowd lights, effectively signaling to everyone that the night was over.

Aside from those major issues, the video also highlights all the positives of the day, including great food and atmosphere — even if it was hot as Hades’ scrote.

Who knows if Sick New World will be a regular thing, but if this video’s to be believed, things are gonna have to change for the better in the future.

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