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Check Out Shining’s Latest Single “Us Against The World”


Norwegian outfit Shining have long been the kind of dudes to buck trends, having started as an acoustic jazz group and all, but their latest single “Us Against The World” might as well be a middle finger to everything.

Described as a song that “perfectly captures the band’s rebellious spirit and their refusal to dwell on the past,” this latest single features everything you’d expect from them. Kick ass riffs, great vocals, and copious amounts of saxophone.

Speaking on the new track, Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby said it was always about being a contrarian and being true to yourself, rather than follow the herd.

“I have always been a contrarian! Whenever I’m in a room where everyone’s dressed in black, I want to dress in pink. When everyone does the same, I want to do the opposite. Being this way has definitely shaped my music throughout my whole career. It’s always felt like a fight against the rest of the world. And this song is about just that. It sums up what drives me.”

While the song itself is unique enough to stand on its own, it should be noted that Sean Beaven — yes, the guy that’s worked with major artists like Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses — was involved in the songwriting process for “Us Against The World.” That’s a pretty huge get.

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