Fit For An Autopsy Guitarist Pat Sheridan on Deathcore’s Popularity: “The Resurgence Is Here”


Deathcore is getting very popular again, with bands like Lorna Shore leading the charge into arenas and bigger rooms. Fit For An Autopsy‘s Pat Sheridan appeared on The Garza Podcast to talk about the genre and its spike in listeners. You can read a few choice nuggets of wisdom, as transcribed by Metal Injection.

“[Lorna Shore going out with Mastodon and Gojira] is massive. To be able to bridge those kinds of gaps with those kinds of genre crossovers… I’m hoping that the genre thing starts getting wiped out a little bit because I really think that if somebody says ‘oh they’re in this -core or that metal,’ it immediately puts a bad taste in your mouth. But all of these bands in our world are getting a look now from bigger bands and bands that get what we do. It’s really cool.

“Lorna Shore was the band that proved that we can fill those rooms again. We can do all those things. The resurgence is here. Thy Art Is Murder is another one of those bands. They’ve always been able to carry those big rooms and then you know, it’s just one of those things. It’s that alignment thing that happens when people are like ‘this hasn’t been cool forever, but maybe I just never looked at it. Maybe it is cool you know.’ Now they’re looking and they realize it is. There’s something tangible in every one of these genres and you just gotta find the right bands.”

Sheridan also noted that professionalism is a big part of why deathcore is taking off today after many years dormant.

“I feel like the bigger bands hear those words [deathcore] and they’re like ‘nope.’ I think a lot more deathcore bands are being serious now. It’s something that I’ve complained about for a really long time, is that a lot of people in our genre didn’t know how to deal with the business side of things.

“They didn’t take things seriously, you know? Not necessarily getting on stage and off stage in the times that they should, doing the things that they’re supposed to do professionally – you know, acting a fool. Not thinking about the things that they’re doing and causing these issues with these bigger bands where they’re like ‘nope. That whole genre is a joke.’ So now I see more bands in our world being more serious, having better crews doing better things on stage [and] off stage, [having] better equipment, better sound – trying to do all the things. I think it’s helping the genre as a whole get taken more seriously.”

What do you think? Do you agree deathcore fucking rules or does the trend need to die?

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