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Rob Halford is Comfortable with His Own Mortality


We’re all going to die some day. Some of us will go sooner than others, but we’re all going to eventually shuffle off this mortal coil one day and for most, the only way to cope with that reality is to just accept it. Apparently, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford‘s been comfortable with that fact for a while.

While speaking with Metal Hammer, the iconic frontman said a recent brush with prostate cancer during the pandemic really opened his eyes to his own mortality. And how as an elder statesman in the heavy metal community that’s been kicking around the industry since the 60s, he’s come to terms with the fact that things are winding down sooner rather than later.

“Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about this. I’m 72 this year, and you realize quickly that 72 isn’t that far from 80, especially when so much of our world revolves around three-year cycles that come up around albums. So honestly, I’ve only got a couple of those cycles left. You really have to think about how you can cope with that reality.

“I’ve never been afraid of death — it doesn’t bother me in the least — but what I do have to find peace with is that being able to do the thing I love will come to an end, and that does make you want to live forever.”

Certainly being able to do what he does at his advanced age is a feat unto itself. Yet after beating prostate cancer and coming out the other side still able to do what he loves is amazing.

Still, we’re just happy to still have the Metal God around and hope to have him around for much, much longer.

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