About The Author Arsonists Get All the Girls

Despite their humble beginning as a joke in a friend’s garage, Santa Cruz’s most degenerate six-piece, ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, have quickly developed into a juggernaut ready to annihilate anything in their path, and their Century Media debut, The Game of Life, finds the band at its birdbrained best. Produced by Zach Ohren of Castle Ultimate (Animosity, Light This City), the sophomore effort offers 12 uniquely dense, hard-hitting songs with titles like “Mantipede" and “Taiwanese Troft Trouble." The name was penned and the songs were written, but it wasn’t until they opened up for The Taste of Blood on their EP CD release show that the world got its first glimpse of the band’s keyboard-driven insanity. Of course, the songs were, admittedly, less than stellar (i.e. $h!t), but this didn’t prevent the band from treating audiences in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Nevada to their antics, all of 2 months in the making . Impressed by the band’s total lack of professionalism, as evidenced by their being stranded in Colorado on their first winter tour, Process Records blindly funded the band’s first full-length, Hits From the Bow. To the surprise of both the label and ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, the album sold more than a handful of copies. Feeling the intense pressure brought on by the expansion of their audience beyond friends and family, the band filled a second guitar spot with final member Nick to bolster their live sound for 2 full U.S. tours. Soon after, Century Media bought the band and their balls for an undisclosed sum. Drawing from influences as varied as Despised Icon, Cryptopsy, Dream Theater and Between the Buried and Me, ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS offer a smorgasbord of sound sure to satisfy the musical munchies of those looking for something different. At the very least, The Game of Life offers its own take on what happens when a gay train derails on its way to straight town (we don’t know what that means, either…but we like it).