Power Trip Challenge Trapt to See Who Can Draw More Fans

Members of Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Born of Osiris, Attila, Chelsea Grin, I Prevail, and others have…

Video: Yngwie Malmsteen Gets Pissed at His Lighting Guy

Yngwie stopped a show in Mexico to tell the lighting technician to "stop fucking around with the lights."

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Set for “Wah-Off Battle” With Mrs. Smith

"You WAHnt a piece of me?" asks Kirk.

Beef of Osiris: BOO Block Former Guitarist Jason Richardson on Twitter

Richardson says the band owes him "a decade of royalties" from 2011's The Discovery.

Former Alterbeast Members Slam Guitarist Andrew Lamb

Lamb is accused of badly mistreating his bandmates, withholding money owed to them, and withholding their equipment.

Amon Amarth: Former Drummer Fredrik Andersson Calls “Backstabbing” Ex-Bandmates “Greedy”

"If [Amon Amarth] would have let me keep my share of the rights I would’ve gotten around $15000/year," says the…

Jared Dines Responds to Rings of Saturn’s Lucas Mann

Dines apologizes to Mann for the harassment he has received as the result of his video.

David Lee Roth Takes Credit for “Structuring” the Guitar Solos on Van Halen’s First Album

“Why do you think the solos [later] changed so radically?" asks the singer.

Mike Portnoy Calls James LaBrie’s Vocals “Annoying”

The lack of LaBrie made Liquid Tension Experiment "perfect," according to the drummer.

Promoter Implies Soilwork Lied About Why They Cancelled Their Concert in Singapore

The promoter of Soilwork's recently-cancelled performance in Singapore has lashed out at the band on social media, heavily implying that…

Original Thin Lizzy Guitarist Says Metallica Owe Him Money: “They Are a Pack of Bastards”

Eric Bell: "I got handed over a big ball of Metallica t-shirts, key rings and hats. I got paid fuck…

Members of Mötley Crüe and Steel Panther Get into Online Diss Battle

Steel Panther singer Michael Starr made a harmless joke about Vince Neil. Then Nikki Sixx lost his shit.

Tripp Eisen is Pissed at Static-X

The guitarist and convicted sex offender alleges that the band has altered material he wrote with Wayne Static, an action…

Machine Head and Dope Beef Squashed

Robb Flynn admits that he "stands corrected" about Dope's popularity, and fondly recalls sharing "enormous amounts of cocaine" with Edsel…

Machine Head and Dope Trade Barbs on Social Media

Robb Flynn doesn't think anyone still listens to Dope; Edsel Dope begs to differ.

Abigail Williams Release New Song; Ken Sorceron Says Being in The Faceless Taught Him “How Not to Run a Band”

He seems to hold one member of The Faceless responsible for that band's troubles.

Listen: The Howard Stern Show‘s Brent Hatley Wrote a Metal Song About How Much He Hates Michael Rapaport

Hatley has been studying metal singing with famed vocal coach Melissa Cross.

Report: Bison Hate AC/DC

Police in Montana have been using "Hells Bells" to scare bison off of highways.

Alissa White-Gluz Denies Trying to Sabotage The Agonist

Read the current Arch Enemy vocalist's lengthy statement on the matter.