Neilstein Soundscam

Tool’s Fear Inoculum Charts at #1 in U.S., Australia, Norway, New Zealand and Belgium

Tool's first album in 13 years topped the charts worldwide in addition to its Taylor Swift-dethroning in the U.S.

Tool Score #1 Album, Dethroning Taylor Swift

Tool shifted an impressive 270,000 units without the aid of D2C or live ticket bundles.

Tool on Pace for #1 Debut, Unseating Taylor Swift

Tool's new album, Fear Inoculum, is set to make a massive sales debut this week.

Tool are Smashing Through Billboard and Streaming Records Left and Right

The band's digital debut has been posting some absolutely massive numbers.

Slipknot’s New Album is on Pace for #1 Billboard Debut

The achievement would mark the band's third consecutive #1 album.

Tool Have Amassed Millions of Streams in Just Three Days, Lateralus is #1 on iTunes

Tool fans are flocking to stream the band's music for the first time.

150 Metal Bands Ranked By Their Spotify Monthly Listener Counts

Which metal bands are the most popular, according to Spotify?

Motley Crue Streaming and Sales Numbers are Through the Roof Because of The Dirt

Crue songs were streamed 73.8 million times on Spotify since the film's release, plus other jaw-dropping numbers.

Emmure Sold 60% More Albums First Week Than Suicide Silence

One band takes a risk, the other stays exactly the same (despite all new members). This is metal in 2017.

Ghost are, Like, REALLY, REALLY Popular!

They've sold a buttload of units of their new Popestar EP.

Five Finger Death Punch Sold More Albums First Week Than Iron Maiden :(

Ten conclusions that can be drawn about the industry and the metal scene from FFDP's besting of Iron Maiden.

Metallica and Lou Reed’s Lulu Breaks Sales Records!

It's the lowest-selling Metallica album ever!

Slipknot’s .5 Will Be #1

On the charts, and hopefully in your hearts.

Metallica Makes History (Again): Black Album First Release of the Nielsen SoundScan Era to Sell 16 Million Copies

Maybe this will help soften the blow of their recent financial "troubles" (such a relative term): Metallica's self-titled release is…

Neilstein Soundscam: Protest the ‘Witch

Who nabbed the top spot -- Protest the Hero or Skeletonwitch?

Neilstein Soundscam: Protest are the Heroes

Protest the Hero beat out all other bands before their album is even released.

Neilstein Soundscam: Protest the Fang

Who will grab the #1 spot next week... Protest the Hero or Red Fang??

Neilstein Soundscam: Through the Never, Coming to a Dream Theater Near You

Dream Theater and Metallica made big splashes with debuts this week but neither could grab the top spot of the…

Neilstein Soundscam: Surgical Sales

New records by Carcass, Gwar, Ulcerate, Cult of Luna and more.