Mr. Bungle Debut New Song “Erasict”

It's one of several songs from the band's re-recorded 1986 demo that wasn't actually on the original release.

John Bush Considering “Bushthrax” Solo Tour for 2023

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Scott Ian Thinks Touring Won’t Come Back ‘Til 2022

Scott Ian probably thinks correctly.

Corey Taylor on Roadrunner Not Allowing Him to Join Anthrax: “It Broke My Heart”

Taylor says the label " cracked the whip on it and were really hardcore."

Anthrax are Working on Their Next Album via Zoom and FaceTime

The band had planned to be recording right now but, well, you know.

Mr. Bungle Formally Announce New Album, Premiere First Single

This will be Mr. Bungle's first new album in 21 years.

Video: Charlie Benante Reminisces About Anthrax’s Appearance on Married… with Children

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Scott Ian Thinks Bands That Use Backing Tracks Should Have to Say So on Their Concert Tickets

Specifically, Ian thinks the ticket should say "70 percent of the show you're paying 250 dollars for is pre-recorded."

Slipknot’s Knotfest at Sea Postponed “for the Foreseeable Future”

The inaugural edition of the cruise would have included such acts as Anthrax, Sevendust, and DevilDriver.

How Drummers Knock on Doors

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Lee Ving Is Alive, Covers Fear With Members of Anthrax and Nuclear Assault

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15 Metal Songs About Bigotry + the Police That Aren’t by Rage Against the Machine

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Calm Down, Everyone, That Leaked Live Nation Memo About Reduced Artist Pay Only Applies to *Festivals*… But the Reality is Even Worse

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Mr. Bungle Release New Music for the First Time Since 1999

100% of the proceeds from both the song and a limited edition t-shirt will go to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief…