escape the fateI had to look up Escape the Fate on MySpace before writing this post to see what they sounded like. And I do not like what I hear. But you know what I do like? Boobies. And having boobies rubbed in my face. And being flown across the country on someone else’s dime — along with a friend — to have boobies rubbed in our faces for free. How can you fuck with that?

Answer: you cannot. Even if you’ve already got a set of boobies to call your own. I’ve known many a girl that enjoyed going to strip clubs to watching boobies. I even dated one that got up on stage and flashed the crowd at her own b-day party. That was hot! I also know that girls like boobs too because this band has four chicks in it and they’re hosting their record release party at a strip club!

All this talk of flying you and your friend across the country to watch live boobies is of course because Escape the Fate are offering one fan and a friend of theirs the chance to do just that in celebration of their new record. The album comes out on November 2nd and the release party will be on November 3rd at Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood, CA. 1 winner gets roundtrip airfare for 2 to Los Angeles, CA, hotel accommodations, and VIP access to the private party. Contest ends on October 20th.

How can you turn that opportunity down? Enter here for the price of the 1 minute it takes you to do so, then proceed to pass Go, collect $200 and get some boobies rubbed in your face.


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