I know that there’s a grey area on most subjects, but on the issue of old fashioned running-into-one-another moshing versus karate moshing, there is none — karate moshing sucks. The people who do it suck. End of story.

Alas, according to Victory’s holiday video card, Santa Claus is a karate mosher. And that’s sad, ’cause I happen to know that Hanukkah Harry was hoping to reach across the aisle this year and make friends with Santa, but he’ll never go for that if when he extends an olive branch, all Santa extends back is an accidental and inconsiderate punch in the face. If only Santa had bothered to think of the people around him for two seconds, instead of blindly flailing his arms around like a retard. The kind of retard who likes Bury Your Dead. Silly Santa.


[via SMN]

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