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As you are no doubt aware, metal is constantly being scapegoated for violent acts, be it attempted suicides, high school shootings, college shootings, or political assassinations. And soon we will no doubt be able to add another heinous crime to that list — namely terrorism.

See, with Osama bin Laden out of the way, one of the big questions on everyone’s mind is: “Who’s gonna step up and be the new leader of Al-Qaeda?” And one of the leading candidates is Adam Gadahn, né Adam Pearlstein (yep, another guy giving Jews a good name!), an American currently living in Pakistan who not only used to write for the death metal zine Xenocide, but also had his one one-man metal band, Aphasia. After converting to Islam at age seventeen and eventually fleeing the country after he assaulted the head of his mosque, Haitham Bundakji, he went to Pakistan, and was apparently intimately involved with the creation of bin Laden’s terror videos.

And so it seems inevitable that, should this guy now get a promotion, some idiot will cry “It’s because he listened to metal!” Never mind the fact that, according this New Yorker article from 2007, he was home schooled and didn’t even have a toilet growing up, which seem like essential ingredients in the recipe for creating a lunatic. And never mind that, in his metal days, he was apparently anti-violence, as evidenced by his thoughts about an unspecified pro-choice, pro-death-penalty Death tune:

“Not for it myself, kind of against it, in fact. But Chuck [Schuldiner] thinks it’s a great idea. Well, Chuck, you want to kill people, go ahead and do it. Anyway, no, he’s talking about institutionalized murder. I mean, like, stuff like the death penalty and abortion. I don’t know, abortion seems to be a clear issue to me, so does the death penalty. Not really into the killing-people thing.”

Obviously he later had a change heart with regards to “the killing-people thing.”

So… anyone wanna take bets on how quickly the Rush Limbaughs fo the world start pointing the finger at metal as a symptom of Gadahn’s insanity, and not just, y’know, a random fact? If he really does jump to the top of the asshole heap, I’d say it will take roughly 24-72 hours for some smartsass to drag metal through the mud.

While you ponder this potential idiocy, feel free to head over to The Gauntlet, where they actually have some of Gadahn’s old Xenocide writings. You will be happy to learn his reviews have all the personality of my dog’s absent testicles.


[via Metal Injection]

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