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dark new day

Dark New Day fans waited for what seemed like an eternity for new music following 2005’s Twelve Year Silence, and now within just a few short months we’ve received what feels like an overwhelming abundance in the form of two full new records, with the possibility of a third on the way. The band quietly self-released two albums this past August, with no press, social media or any kind of attention surrounding them. The first was Hail Mary, the supposed second Dark New Day record that was never released, and the other was a B-Sides collection; both are available through Amazon, linked above. And now, according to a press release, Dark New Day are supposedly releasing ANOTHER album, although it’s being heralded as their long-awaited second. Huh?

The new album is being released through Goomba Music, a label that traffics mostly in red state rock that’s far below DND’s level. Is this actually a record featuring all previously unreleased material with different songs than Hail Mary, or is it just a CD version of the same record with proper distro and marketing behind it? The press release we received bills the album as Dark New Day’s sophomore effort — which would seem to ignore Hail Mary‘s existence — but then goes on to say that it will “feature some of the band’s finest material to date and a deluxe edition will include exclusive bonus tracks,” which would seem to acknowledge the need to spiff it up because a lot of these songs are already out there. Very confusing. I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I just interviewed DND / Eye Empire / Stuck Mojo / Stereomud bassist Corey Lowery about Hail Mary a couple of weeks back, and he gave me a lot of insight as to what went into that record. It’s a must-read for any Dark New Day fan.


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