Everyone's Replaceable



It’s hard to keep a secret in these Internet-crazy times. If I were Jesse Leach and I had a really big secret to keep — like whether or not I was about to re-join Killswitch Engage after Howard Jones’ departure — I’d probably just avoid giving interviews to the press altogether to make sure what I say couldn’t be mis-interpreted, or I couldn’t slip up and let fly a small nugget that gives the whole thing away. But Jesse Leach is apparently still doing interviews despite rampant speculation that he’ll rejoin the band, and he had some interesting things to say in a recent interview with Australia’s Loud Magazine:

My viewpoint is to respectfully step back from the situation and support them. Whatever decision they make will be the right one for them and I look forward to what it is.

“Whatever decision they make” and “I look forward to what it is” sound like the words of someone who does not know what decision they will make. Or perhaps that’s Leach’s clever way of maintaining the illusion that he doesn’t know. When asked if the band has approached him about the gig:

I’m not going to comment. Everyone wants to know… I’d rather those guys go through what they’ve got to go through and whenever they make that decision… They’re good friends of mine, so I’m respecting their space at the moment. It’s more fun, more mystery too; you don’t have to know everything. These days everybody is on Facebook and tweeting everything that happens. What’s happened to the mystery of music and not knowing everything?

The “no comment” seemingly means “yes, I have been approached” — which is kind of obvious; they MUST have been in touch by now and there’s no way that inviting him back to the band is completely off the table — but everything else about the above would seem to indicate that Leach doesn’t actually know yet what the band has decided. Or, again, it could just be his own clever way trying to maintain the illusion that he doesn’t know.

If Leach in fact doesn’t know, that could be an indication that Killswitch have decided to select someone else and they haven’t broken the news to Jesse yet. It’s also very possible that the remaining members of Killswitch have not yet decided on a replacement — in other words, no one knows — meaning Jesse’s portrayal of himself as innocent bystander is honest.

Now that I’ve analyzed and dissected a few small words into oblivion, it’s your turn! Let’s get to arguing in the comments about who’s better, Jesse or Howard, because that’s probably all you wanna talk about anyway.


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