• Axl Rosenberg

I’m going to put about as much effort into this intro as the thief who was sent to prison by the jury I served on last week did into not leaving his cell phone at the scene of the crime.

We begin this week with “Follow the Signs,” the new video from Born of Osiris. On the whole this clip is pretty cool, and I applaud all parties involved for trying to make something way more epic than most modern metal vids. But sticking the band in front of a green screen for their performance footage was a mistake, ’cause it looks silly and cheap, and the editing is completely random, which long time readers know is a pet peeve of mine — and is especially bothersome when dealing with a band like BOO, whose music provides such obvious rhythmic cutting points I can’t believe anyone would just ignore them like this. Bummer.

Next up is Jane’s Addiction’s latest video, for the song “Underground.” It’s really just a slightly-above-average performance clip, and no one will remember it in a week. That being said, as an academic exercise, it’s worth it to pay attention to the way this video is edited, in contrast with the BOO vid. The cuts here are, for the most part, timed perfectly with the music for maximum impact. (There are places where the cuts aren’t time so well, and those decisions seem kinda arbitrary. But that’s why I said “for the most part.”) This is such a simple-yet-effective trick… I find it baffling that there are really directors and editors who don’t do it — at least not without some motivated reason to edit the video in some other manner.

And we conclude today with “Abomination,” from Demolition Man fans Murder Death Kill. This video is irredeemable deathcore garbage from an irredeemable deathcore band, and almost no thought whatsoever appears to have gone into its creation. I was actually really excited to watch this video, ’cause I heard they make fun of A Day to Remember in it, and I’m all for beef being played out in music video form. But the jokes aren’t the slightest bit clever, and so the whole thing just ends up feeling really, really boring. Ugh.



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