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A Not-So-Encouraging Update on Randy Blythe’s Case in the Czech Republic


The MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys received an interesting letter yesterday from a reader calling himself “Watchdog.” Citing a Czech news portal as a source, Watchdog offers an interesting analysis of the Czech legal system and how it might affect the handling of Randy Blythe’s ongoing case. Watchdog seems to have a solid understanding of the Czech legal system, but it should be noted that we do not know what his credentials are, nor has MetalSucks been able to verify any of this info with an outside source. Google Translate’s rough English version of the article in question isn’t helping, and most of what Watchdog is saying is opinion/conjecture anyway. So, long story short, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, there’s some very interesting information here… and it’s not all that encouraging. Read:

Good evening,

According to the Czech news portal iDNES, the police authority finished the investigation of Randy Blythe’s case and has already sent the case file to the public prosecutor with a suggestion of a criminal court charge. The exact legal qualification has not been published, but in my opinion it probably has not changed significantly since the summer, if at all.

The public prosecutor is now going to study the case file thoroughly and decide whether he shall press the charge against Mr. Blythe. The spokeswoman of the public prosecutor’s office stated that the decision should be made before the end of November. If the public prosecutor does agree with the results of the police investigation, then, according to the Czech Code of Criminal Procedure, he will forward the case file to the court and a court hearing will be announced by a judge, meaning Mr. Blythe will be officially ordered to return to the Czech Republic and attend.

Since the public prosecutor has access to the case file and the right to cancel (and alter if neccessary) any police authority’s resolution in the case for the whole duration of the criminal procedure, I would be really surprised if he disagrees with the police authority in anything particularly important, due to the usual practise of consulting the above mentioned suggestion of a criminal court charge before it is officially sent. Nevertheless, there is no 100% certainty the case really does get before a judge, or that the public prosecutor indeed does agree with the police authority, although I would be very surprised should he not agree.

We shall see.

So… that’s not necessarily very good news for our friend Mr. Blythe, although we feel obliged to once again point out that most of this is just conjecture. All that we, Blythe, and his family and friends can do is wait and hope.

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