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It’s not Spotify, Rdio or Pandora… it’s Tubalr: The Hottest New Music App


Sometimes it’s the simplest of tools that take the Internet by storm.

Tubalr’s functionality is nothing revolutionary: it allows a user to create a playlist of YouTube videos by typing in an artist’s name, then clicking “only” for an artist-exclusive playlist or “similar” for a Pandora-style radio station. That’s it. But it’s the incredibly simple, streamlined interface that makes this tool a winner, no bells or whistles, just type and listen without having to deal with YouTube’s own interface at all. The emphasis is on audio — put this thing on in the background and listen — but the videos show too.

Tubalr made its debut on Tuesday via an announcement on Reddit and became such an instant success that it was promoted to Reddit’s front page. The legality of Tubulr is somewhat suspect given the dubious nature of so much of the audio that’s uploaded without authorization to YouTube, but, legally speaking, I’m pretty sure that’s not Tubulr’s problem to deal with nor are they liable.

Give it a shot! Click here to try.

Additional reporting: Corey Mitchell

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