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Arsis Mainman James Malone Finally Explains Why He Sat Out His Own Band’s Tour


Jim Malone - Arsis

Arsis mainman James Malone — not the dude with the same name who the New York Mets hired as their strength and conditioning coach earlier this month — has opened up about what led to his seemingly strange decision to sit out an Arsis tour last year in a new interview with Hard Rock RVA. Malone hadn’t really talked much about the situation previously other than to say the decision was due to “professional and personal commitments,” so it’s good to finally learn the details of what must’ve been a really difficult decision. Here’s the relevant section of the interview:

HardRockRVA: What was the skinny on stepping down from the Arsis tour anyway? Were you having second thoughts about continuing the band or did you have other priorities?

James: I know it came as a shock to a lot of people that I would not be participating in the tour, but the fact is that I informed the band and record label two months before the tour was to start that I saddly could not do it. It wasn’t as if I just didn’t show up to rehearsal or something. Basically, the tour offer came to us in February 2011 and we agreed although the tour was not to take place until October 2011. In March of that year, I started working full time (at a hair salon), for the first time in years and was qualifying for health insurance in September 2011. This would’ve been the first time I had health insurance since we recorded “A Celebration Of Guilt” when I was in college. I have been very public about some of my personal issues that have caused problems for me/us professionally, so the idea of having health insurance, if even for a short time, to get some of these things under control was VERY appealing. Unfortunately, this meant sitting out a tour, letting down my band, our fans, booking agent, promoters etc. It literally broke my heart, but it was necessary for the run. I am a better person now, and have been able to focus for the first time in years and give my all to Arsis again. I am glad the guys pulled it together and did the tour without me. While I was depressed about the whole thing, I was proud to know they were out there kicking ass and doing the right thing. I regret not being able to do so.

If you’re wondering what “personal issues” and “problems” that James is referencing, please consult this article from 2009. Needless to say, we’re glad James has gotten and continues to get the medical attention he needs AND, of course, that Arsis has been able to continue on as well.

Arsis go on a short tour with Sonata Arctica this December, and a new album called Unwelcome is expected at some point in 2013 (dig a preview of the artwork here).

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