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Stream New Songs by Kvelertak and Tomahawk Right Now!


Kvelertak / Tomahawk

I was hanging out with a bunch of trve/underground/kvlt/whatever metalheads the other night who refused to like Kvelertak in the face of their unstoppable jamz blaring from the stereo. The word “cheesy” was bandied about with regards to the riffs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I thought everyone liked Kvelertak. Are they already “that band” whose meteoric rise from underground heroes to… to we don’t even know what yet… who alienated their “core” fans that just discovered them a year ago? Fuck that. Meir is easily one of my most anticipated releases of 2013, and if you like metal at all I demand you like this band.

Anyhoo, you can and should stream a new song called “Bruane Brenn” at BBC right now (skip ahead to 27:30 in the program). It’s the first studio recording of any song we’ve heard from Meir so far, and duh, it’s rockin’ as fuck. If you missed the Norwegian TV performance of “Spring Fra Livet” last week, another new song, check that out too.

Later on in the same BBC show you can stream the brand new Tomahawk track “Oddfellows” from the album of the same name, the band’s first in six years. Skip ahead to 1:37:25 to hear it. The band premiered “Stone Letter” back in October, and, like that song, it’s hard to imagine any fans of Mike Patton or Tomahawk being disappointed here. I’ve never been the hugest Tomahawk fan (2003’s Mit Gas excepted), but both of these songs have given me reason to actively anticipate Oddfellows. It’ll be out next week on Ipecac.

The BBC show also features the latest tracks by The Bronx, Alice in Chains, Soilwork, Ghost and more. Man, I wish this show aired on terrestrial radio in the U.S.

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