Harrow, Chapel, Radioactive Vomit, and Haggatha Put Vancouver on the Map


Death metal tyrants Mitochondrion have already done a good job of doing exactly that (as have the lovable longhairs in 3 Inches of Blood and Metalsucks’ Official Favorite Dude, Devin Townshend), but these newer discoveries have really hammered home my long-held opinion that 1. Vancouver rules, and 2. Fenriz was really on to something with “Canadian Metal.”


I’m a sucker for bands that make this kind of folky, wintery black metal, and Harrow do it far better than most. Their most recent release is a split with like-minded souls Walden, and is a perfectly lovely slice of atmospheric, beautifully turned-out grimness.


Fans of Midnight, Speedwolf, Toxic Holocaust, and Bulldozer will love these dudes’ sleazy, sneering speed metal swagger. Black rock’n’roll from hell!

Radioactive Vomit

Bassist Desolator pulls double duty in Chapel and these bestial destroyers. They’ve only got two demos out so far, but they’re well worth tracking down. Gasmasks, bullet belts, executioner’s hood, spikes, chains, black leather, inverted crosses, sunglasses– their promo photo says it all. OUGH!


Nasty, hellish sad bastard doom from a bunch of dudes who’ve probably got a lot of Dystopia and EyeHateGod in their record collections. Way into it.

What Vancouver bands are you digging?

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