New Poster for Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem Gives Black Metallers the Blues


The new poster for Rob Zombie’s latest directorial opus, The Lords of Salem, is a little weird — and not just because it features a promo photo of some one-man black metal band that Grim Kim loves. The font and bright blue color scheme are at total odds with the scary feel you’d assume people promoting a horror movie would want to achieve.

I have to assume that this was done deliberately, though, and it intrigues me. Messing with convention is obviously a risk, but it’s the kind of risk I like to see artists taking. If this poster suggests that Zombie is going to try and create a sense of unease through unexpected contrasts, well… that could be really cool, right?

The Lords of Salem comes out April 26 via Anchor Bay.

[via Bloody Disgusting]

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