...And F*ck You Too

You’ll Never Believe Who’s on the Cover of the New For Today EP


For Today have unveiled the cover art for their new EP, Prevailer, and it would seem they’re trying to make amends with any gay or gay-friendly fans who may have been offended by now-former guitarist ‘s Mike Reynolds’ stance that “homosexuality is a sin”:

I’m totally kidding, of course. This is the actual cover of the EP:

And I gotta say, it is SO BRAVE the of the For Today guys to stick their guns in the face of the all the persecution of which they have been victims at the hands of the liberal, Christless media. I mean, come ON, people. They fired the guy! What else do you want them to do, say homosexuality isn’t a sin? P’SHAW!

Prevailer comes out when JC returns to bringeth the Judgment Day.

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