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Former For Today Frontman Mattie Montgomery Compares Abortion to the Holocaust; Members of Attila, Emarosa, Hundredth, and Cane Hill Respond


It’s been a glorious four years since we last heard from Mattie Montgomery, frontman for the now-defunct Christian metalcore band For Today, but now he’s back in the headlines again. Since Montgomery and his homophobic cohorts called it quits, the vocalist has become an Evangelical minister, the kind of dude who loves the smell of his own farts: he actually quotes himself on his church’s home page. That fact isn’t especially relevant to the story at hand. I just want you to remember what a yutz this guy is.

“Eat me.” -Axl Rosenberg

ANYWAY, the reason Montgomery is back in the news is this: he recently went on Twitter and compared abortions to the murder of Jews in the Holocaust.

To compare a woman who wants agency over her own body to a genocidal maniac is offensive, to put it mildly… but it’s also just stupid. Despite what he may have thought, Hitler didn’t own Germany; it wasn’t his personal possession, and it sure as hell wasn’t a part of his anatomy.

Fortunately, some of Montgomery’s more enlightened peers jumped in and shut him down. This includes Chris Fronzak from Attila, who I hate agreeing with, so you know Mattie is just a total douche.

Chris Fronzak (Attila)

Matthew Marcellus (Emarosa)

Chadwick Johnson (Hundredth)

Elijah Witt (Cane Hill)

But the best response thus far, by a wide margin, came from Vince Edwards, Metal Blade Records’ longtime Czar of All Things Publicity and Social Media:

In any case, it’s hard to get too pissy about Mattie’s comments, because being an Evangelical and a pro-lifer, there’s a good-to-fair chance he’s gonna get caught embezzling money or committing fraud, or sleeping with other men, or pressuring his mistress into having an abortion, or some other kind of hypocritical behavior. So. Yeah. Fuck ‘im.

[via The PRP]

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