There is Only One Vocalist Who Should Guest on the New Megadeth Album


Megadeth have taken to Facebook to solicit fan suggestions for guest vocalists to appear on their new album. And while there have been a lot of nominees that would, at the very least, be noteworthy were they to appear on the record (James Hetfield, Bruce Dickinson, Phil Anselmo, and Zakk Wylde are all popular choices), I haven’t seen anyone mention the ONE singer who would absolutely DESTROY on this album. The ONE PERSON who, without a doubt, MUST be on the new Megadeth record.

Can you guess who it is?

Alice Cooper? Phil Labonte? Mattie Montgomery? Meatloaf? Kenny Chesney? Evgeny Nikitin?

Nooooo, it’s none of those dudes.

Seriously, you’re gonna kick yourself when you realize who I’m talking about. Because, duh, it’s —

I even know what song they should do!

OH MY GOD, THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. I get sexually aroused just thinking about it. C’mon, Movers and Shakers who read MetalSucks! Let’s make this happen!!!!


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