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Harlem Shake: More Heavy Metal Versions


MetalSucks was the first to come up with a heavy metal version of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Just sayin!

While Facebook and Google have now successfully pile-driven this fun Internet meme into the ground in record time, let’s enjoy a couple more heavy metal versions before this thing’s been completely buried.

This version produced by Andrew Baena of Galactic Pegagus gets points for writing and recording an original heavy metal version of the song. But it goes on for too long. 47 seconds?? I mean, come on! What am I, made of time? Stick to the format!

Misery Signals and We Came As romans stuck to the original audio track, but each added their own visual twist. Dig it:

And now let us please say goodbye to “Harlem Shake” videos. R.I.P., it was nice knowing ye.

[via The PRP]

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