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Pretty Much the Worst Thing Ever, Part II: Peter Jackson’s Cover of Skid Row’s “18 & Life” (featuring Lukas Rossi)


Peter Jackson 18 & Life

A Canadian rapper named Peter Jackson — no, it’s not the same guy who makes those movies about bling-loving midgets with pubes on their feet — has teamed up with Rock Star Supernova’s Lukas “Skunk” Rossi to cover Skid Row’s “18 & Life.” And I think it probably would be a huge hit twenty years ago, when the world was temporarily convinced that Coolio was worth our collective time — I mean, it’s easy to imagine this song playing over footage of Michelle Pfeiffer educating troubled minority youths. Unfortunately, it’s 2013, so the song won’t be a hit. It will just have to settle for being the second worst piece of shit you’ve heard today.

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