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MetalSucks Readers Declare Pantera The Most Unnecessarily Shat Upon Band in Metal!!!


pantera rain

The results are in!!! Pantera have defeated Ghost to be crowned by you, our beloved readers, The Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band in Metal!!! According to you folks, bands from Metallica to Slipknot to Ozzy to Sunn O))) are all more deserving of the flack they receive for their alleged crimes against the music we love. So now the next time you hear some dude be like “Fuck Pantera, they’re just meathead metal!”, you can be all, “AHEM, are you not familiar with the MetalSucks Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Bracket?” That oughta shut up ’em up.

Congrats to Pantera on their hard-earned victory!!!!

THE COMPLETE BRACKET (click to enlarge):Shat Bracket Final

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