Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Hoth, Wren, Kali Ma


Hoth - Oathbreaker

It might not seem like Hoth are doing anything all that original at first listen, but there’s something lurking beneath the surface that I find really cool: it’s like old Goatwhore and new Skeletonwitch mixed with a melodeath sensibility or something. Digging.

It’s time to smoke a doob, swill a beer and headbang with Wren and their atmospheric, stoner-y grooves. “Habeas Corpus,” track 3 on their latest EP (self-titled), is my favorite jam, even if it’s the slow outlier on the EP.

The kind of loosely Black Dahlia-inspired death metal Kali Ma play feels like it could really use a vocalist, and this coming from a guy who doesn’t even really like metal vocalists that much. I like the core of what they’re doing, though; awesome riffs, great composition.

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