This Dude Sounds EXACTLY Like Layne Staley

  • Axl Rosenberg

The late, great Layne Staley is one of the most imitated metal vocalists in history, and arguably the singer to blame for the ’90s trend which we have come to know as ‘yarling.’ Still, you know what they say: “Often imitated, never duplicated.” For all of their efforts, no rock vocalist has ever managed to sound quite like Staley…

…until now. I have no idea what this skinny little dude’s name is, since it’s not listed on the band’s Facebook page or official website, but holy crap… if you told me he was related to Staley, I’d believe it (I think he’s five or ten years too old to be Staley’s reincarnation, or he might make a strong argument for that belief system, too).

Seriously, check this guy out… the video is ridiculous, but the song is actually pretty catchy:

Crazy, right? Like, if for some reason Alice in Chains ever need to part ways with William DuVall, they should just give this dude a call. Assuming they can figure out who he is.

You can check out some more music from his band, Skorned, below.


Thanks: Jordan G.

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