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Let’s All Argue About This New Deafheaven Song (Again!)


Deafheaven - From the KettleDeafheaven, perennial punching bags for metal purists the world over, played a new song called “From The Kettle Onto The Coil” at the Pitchfork Musical Festival in July, and the Internet hasn’t stopped yapping about it since. Here on MetalSucks we had a healthy dialogue about the track then — “healthy” in the same way that when mom and did are screaming at the top of their lungs at one another they’re just having a “discussion” — and now that Adult Swim has officially released a studio recording of the track as part of their Singles series, let’s do so again!

“False metal!”

“Black metal poseurs!”


Or how about just “really good song,” which is what I’m gonna go with today? The track is cinematic and gorgeous, and that guitar solo midway through is an unexpected but delightful treat.

Hit ’em with your best shot, MetalSucks commenters! You’ll really tell those stupid assbags in Deafheaven what’s what.

[Adult Swim Singles, via Metal Insider]

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