Daydreaming of an Exodus / Gravediggaz Collaboration


Gravediggaz / ExodusWhen I saw the headline “Exodus Interviewed by Prince Paul” drop into my inbox I started day-dreaming about some kind of Gravediggaz / Exodus mash-up or collaboration. Anthrax famously got together with Public Enemy, Biohazard less famously got together with Onyx, and we all know about the nu-metal atrocities that followed the aforementioned quality, earnest combinations of metal and rap. But what would’ve happened if Exodus — always heavy, always hard — collaborated with my favorite hip hop outfit of all time?? It’d’ve been fucking fierce, that’s what!

Alas, it was not to be. Maybe some young whippersnapper can create an Exodus / Gravediggaz mash-up and post it to YouTube (“Defective Trip” would go great with a thrash track… just sayin’). But for now we get Gravediggaz mastermind Prince Paul — who also produced De La Soul and a hundred other hip hop albums you’ve heard — interviewing Exodus for Scion AV. And it’s a good interview! A little talk about the new, a little talk about the old, ya know… watch:

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