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Exclusive Track Premiere: Attan’s “Black Liquid Marrow”

Artwork by Seana Reilly
Artwork by Seana Reilly

You’re gonna wanna strap on protective gear before listening to this one, kids: Norway’s Attan blend hardcore and doom metal into one wholly satisfying, completely annihilative package. It doesn’t really matter if they’re playing cocaine-fast or barbiturate-slow — either way, Attan will wreck your shit so bad that it won’t even be recognizable as your shit anymore. They’re THAT intense.

Shelsmusic won’t release the quintet’s debut EP, From Nothing, ’til November 30… but we’ve fixed it so that you can hear one its best songs, “Black Liquid Morrow,” right here, right now. Listen below! You’re gonna be glad you did!!!

From Nothing is getting an EXTREMELY limited 12″ vinyl release — only 300 copies will be pressed! They’ll be available for pre-order here starting on November 2. Mark it in your calendar so you don’t forget and miss out!!!

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