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Just in Time for Passover: Big Four Yarmulkes?!?!


Oy yoy yoy! And you thought the Zakk Wylde children’s book was ridiculous.

Last week, I complained that Slayer have gone overboard with merch. But I guess my cries fell on deaf ears, because the legendary thrash outfit, and their peers in The Big Four (that would be Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax — duhskis!) have just announced a line of yarmulkes.


Obviously, this entire concept is ridiculous. And although I guess I can see why Anthrax and Metallica went along with it (Scott Ian is Jewish, Metallica love money and will put their stupid logo on anything), frankly, I’m shocked that Dave Mustaine (who is a devout Christian) and Kerry King (who is anti-organized religion altogether) signed off on the idea.

Here are the others:

I really can’t imagine who the hell will buy these things (although maybe kids will dig it — I can see myself being excited by the idea of a ‘Tallica yarmulke when I was bar mitzvah age), but at a mere twenty bucks, they’re still cheaper than Slayer socks. They’re supposed to ship in time for Passover next month — you can pre-order them here.



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