Enjoy Some Sexy Dance Time with The Black Queen’s “Maybe We Should”


The Black Queen — the new electronic band featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato, former Nine Inch Nails and Puscifer member Joshua Eustis, and former Dillinger, NIN and Kesha tech Steven Alexander — have released another song, “Maybe We Should,” and as its title suggests, the words to best describe it are sad and sensual. “Maybe we should” what, Greg? I can’t make out all of what Puciato is saying, but the phrase “Nothing lasts forever” leads to me believe that he’s not suggesting “maybe we should grab a Big Mac.” Vince has previously hypothesized that this was an “intensely emotional” project for Puciato, and I’m inclined to agree. But even if he’s just acting… holy moly, he’s doin’ a heckuva job.

The Black Queen’s debut album, Fever Daydream, comes out January 29.

[via Metal Insider]

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