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Video: Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz Wins Everything on The Price is Right

Photo via Jesse Leach
Photo via Jesse Leach

This is equal parts funny AND awesome: producer/guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, of Killswitch Engage fame, was on The Price is Right earlier today… and he made the popular game show his bitch, winning a new truck, a new car, and a bunch of other shit. Like we said: funny and awesome.

Below, watch video of Adam’s big win, which we very professionally shot off of the television using a cellphone. Gotta give Adam additional props for making Drew Carey lose his shit. Also: keep your eyes peeled for Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan windmilling in the audience.

And here’s more video, courtesy of Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach:

It’s happening! #AdamD #ThePriceIsRight !!!

A video posted by Jesse Leach (@jesse_d_leach) on

Winning a car!!! #AdamD #ThePriceIsRight @TheRealPriceIsRight A video posted by Jesse Leach (@jesse_d_leach) on

“I think I broke things” #AdamD #ThePriceIsRight @TheRealPriceIsRight

A video posted by Jesse Leach (@jesse_d_leach) on

Still winning!!! #AdamD #ThePriceIsRight @TheRealPriceIsRight A video posted by Jesse Leach (@jesse_d_leach) on

Congrats, Mr. D.! You continue to rule.

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